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Space attracts many children and adults alike, and is the wellspring of tremendous imaginations. From Mars and aliens to galaxies and rockets, space fascinates many children and people alike. Your children will explore a variety of topics linked to space science, NASA, and other STEM skills in this series of classes. To promote inquiry and improve problem-solving abilities, all sessions are project-based. We'll discover amazing new facts about space and science in each session, then create tiny projects and play games to keep things interesting and reinforce what we've learned.

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Ages 5-6

3-10 Students Per Class

How much do you weigh on Mars, why don't satellites fall, and how are scientists preparing for a lunar landing? If your children are interested in these or other space-related themes, please join us. We cover a variety of interesting topics, such as rockets, Mars, the International Space Station, the Solar System, and much more. Each session focuses on a single topic.

  • Unit 1: Which planets are known as the Ice Giant or the Red Planet in the Solar System, our home in space? Discover all of the fascinating information about our Solar System's planets and moons.

  • Unit 2: What are satellites, and how do they observe the Earth from space? Learn interesting facts about satellites and their orbits around the Earth.

  • Unit 3 Explore several sorts of stars, such as the Red Dwarf, Yellow Star, and Blue Giant, as well as how they are generated.

  • Unit 4 Asteroids or Mars, the Red Planet: Mars is red for a reason. Is there any liquid water on Mars? Explore this incredible planet and the history of human exploration on Mars.

  • Unit 5 Robots in Space: We've arrived on Mars! How robots are assisting humanity in our exploration of the cosmos



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