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About Kids Coding


#1 coding school in Toronto, recognized by the Ontario government

Kids Coding is a high quality boutique school. Our purpose is to provide accessible and high-quality STEM education to all children by offering hands-on learning. Our curriculum will not only help young people compete in a technological world, but will also allow them to develop critical thinking skills that will support them in daily life.

Customized learning


Find a path your child will love with our 20+ computer science subjects, rated 5 stars by parents and kids. 


Putting projects into practice


Kids not only learn coding knowledge, moreover, putting their coding knowledge into game designs, character designs, storyboarding and animation.


Confidence and social skills


Social skills courses and opportunities for kids to socialize with like-minded peers are included in all of our courses.


Real world problem-solving 


Kids learn how to problem solve during the process of learning coding and putting their learned knowledge into real world STEM projects.

The instructor with children

Proven Team


By tech experts, educators, and parents 

Kids Coding's STEM education platform is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. 


Background Checked


Engaging Instructors


Years Average Experience


Canada Based

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Free Trial Classes


Join top-rated kids coding classes

Our high teacher to kids ratio 1:4, hands-on learning experience, and awesome teachers set every child up to be the future. When you get started today, you'll be able to unleash a whole new world of wonder.


ndc workshop 3d

Intro to 3D Modeling


Ages: 5-6

Introducing students ages 5-6 to the fundamentals of 3D printing. 

bloxels 2

2D Game Design


Ages: 7-9, 9-14

Video game design concepts, techniques, and skills are developed through the course.

hoc screen thefoos

Pre-Junior Programming


Ages: 5-6

Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes. 


Python for AI


Ages: 14-17

Dive into a Real-World Top Programming Language.

browser mac web maze

Junior Programming


Ages: 7-9

Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes. 


Senior Robotics


Ages: 9-14

Learn how to design, build, and code their own robots in this robotics class.

" Provide a place where gaming is celebrated as kids gain confidence in coding, math, logic, & problem solving. "

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