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HTML and Javascript

A fun and interactive class for kids 9-14

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Introducing Javascript to HTML

After learning the basics of web design, it's time for your kid to start experimenting with how to allow interactions with their website!

In this course, we merge the ideas of of introduction to HTML and CSS course with the fundamentals of Javascript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

We highly recommend joining our Introduction to HTML and CSS course first as many of the concepts of web design are carried over here.



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#1 Coding Curriculum

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Create the Website of your dreams!

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Ages 9-12

3-10 Students Per Class

Our course will begin with the fundamentals of popular coding language Javascript. The best part about this is those fundamentals will be transferable to nearly any coding language your kid wants to learn in the future!


Using javascript and HTML, your kid will be able to perform amazing feats of programming such as making their own calculator, creating a login page for their website and more!

10 classes

2 hours per class


Introducing Javascript to HTML

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