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Junior Coding Program

This program is offered to kids aged 5-8, they will learn basic programming skills in ScratchJr, Code Spark, and Bloxels.

Which teaches them the fundamentals of creating and designing their own game.

More Information:

Read below to find out more about Code Spark, Bloxels, and Scratch Jr

The programs listed below are covered in the Jr. After School Program

Fundamentals of Sequencing -
Code Spark

CodeSpark Academy is a platform designed to teach young children the fundamentals of coding, computer programming, and storytelling.

It introduces coding concepts in a fun, interactive, and game-based manner, making it suitable for kids.

2D Video Game Development - 

​Bloxels offers 2D storytelling for kids with an interest in video game design. It teaches children the fundamentals of game design, storytelling, and creativity.


Starting with an idea, kids get to create their own video games by developing the characters and animation. 

Block Coding - ScratchJr

ScratchJr is a popular program designed to introduce kids to the concepts of coding and computer programming.

Kids will use ScratchJr to create interactive stories, animations and games that encourage problem solving skills.


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