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Computer Science

Computer Science Principles

A fun and interactive class for kids ages 14-17

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Computer Science Principles

We teach students a wide range of crucial core subjects in computer science, such as binary, encryption, networking, and more, in our Computer Science Principles lesson. It's an excellent first step in learning more about computer systems and architecture.


This would be a mandatory class for our Future Forward program.

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#1 Coding Curriculum

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Start your Web App with Cloud Computing Adventure

Computer Programming

Ages 14-17

3-10 Students Per Class

We will study a wide range of core computer science concepts in this subject, including data and binary.

  • Data Types and Compression

  • Crowdsourcing and Big Data

  • Control Structures and Procedures - Data Types and Programming

  • Efficiency and Algorithms

  • Networking and the Internet - Computer Resource Management - Online Data and Information - Simulations and Computing Bias


For any student interested in computer science, all of these are essential core skills. 


Because the class must cover a large number of subjects in a short amount of time, there is more lecturing in this class than in most of our other classes, which are nearly entirely project-based. To get the most out of this course with rich content, students will continue to work on mini projects throughout the course to better comprehend the topic and must actively engage in class discussions.

10 classes

2 hours per class


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