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Python with Android

A fun and interactive class for kids ages 14-17

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Java with Android


Our Java class focuses on producing outcomes and developing the sort of skill set that will allow for future Java research. Students are actively involved in designing real-world programmes throughout each class session. Students will not only study about principles, but will also apply them to real-world problems. Because of our small class size, students will receive the customised attention and assistance that is so important in computer science. Begin your Java programming adventure!

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Start your Java with Android Adventure

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Ages 14-17

3-10 Students Per Class

Students will master the fundamentals of Java grammar, input/output, variables, data types, loops, casting, utility classes, random numbers, Objects, Arrays, Interfaces, Composite Objects, and more in level 1. Every session, we'll also work on a fun project.

10 classes

1 hour per class


Java With Android 1


Ages 14-17

3-10 Students Per Class

Level 2 expands on the abilities taught in level 1 and teaches the sort of Object-Oriented Programming required for success in the creation of Android mobile apps. The first part of the course covers fundamental programming topics including ArrayLists and Object-Oriented Programming. Students will learn to create Android front-ends for the objects and applications they have previously written in the second half of the course. Students will learn firsthand what it means to create modular, portable objects and what software reusability looks like in practise using this technique.

10 classes

2 hours per class


Java With Android 2

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