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Senior Coding Program

This program is offered to kids aged 9-14, they will learn basic programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, and Roblox Studio.

Which teaches them how to create and design their own game as well as their own website.

More Information:

Read below to find out more about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python

These are the programs we cover in the Sr. After School Program

Introduction to JavaScript

HTML is a markup language used to structure the content and define the elements of a website.

JavaScript is a programming language applied in collaboration with HTML to add dynamic behaviour to websites.

Students will learn JavaScript + HTML in order to program and code their own game.

3D Video Game Design & Modelling - Roblox Studios

Roblox Studios is a platform designed to allow users to create games within the platform. Users whether beginner or experienced users can design their own games as well as create and bring their own 3D worlds to life.


Kids to play and create a wide variety of games.


The kids will learn how to apply this high-level programming language in their own coding.

With Pythons many different forms of coding, students will learn how to apply it when programming their own games.

Minecraft Coding

Minecraft Coding offers kids and opportunity to learn programming concepts, problem solving, and it fosters creativity in the world of Minecraft. It aims to empower kids to create their own game mechanics, design custom challenges, and explore the world beyond standard gameplay.

Advanced Block Coding - MakeCode Arcade

Block Coding refers to using code and programming blocks to create intricate algorithms and games. It involves the use of interconnected blocks in order to create intricate logic and functionality.

Kids will learn the key characteristics to advanced block coding such as Nested Blocks, custom blocks and functions, advanced control structures, mathematical operations, variable and data management, external integrations, as well as debugging and testing.

Retro Games Programmation - Meowbit

The process of creating video games that mimic the style and aesthetics of older gaming systems and consoles of the past.

More specifically it involves using the programming techniques, hardware limitations, and design principles that were prevalent during the 8 & 16-bit eras of gaming.

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